Faculty by Name

Mike Allen Dean/AD/PE Email
Chad Augspurger Social Studies Email
Kyle Bielfeldt Social Studies webpage Email
John Boehner Spanish webpage Email
Amanda Broaddus Chorus webpage Email
Julie Briney Business webpage Email
Josh Carter Special Needs Email
Jenny DeSchepper Social Worker webpage Email
Teri Eichelberger Special Needs Email
Nick Elder Business webpage Email
Rick Ertel Math webpage Email
Angie Funk English webpage Email
Kathy Hussey Physical Education webpage Email
Heather Killian Math Email
Veronica Kirkpatrick Special Education Email
Erica Kostoff English/Journalism Email
Paul Krogmeier English webpage Email
Jim Lewis Physical Education/Health Email
Micheal Lindy Principal webpage Email
Jason Mackinson Industrial Arts webpage Email
Mike McDevitt Student Advisor webpage Email
KiLee McFerren Art webpage Email
Marsha Meyer Special Needs Email
Kathy Novotney Agriculture Email
Erin Nuss Reading Specialist webpage Email
Alicia Ordner Science webpage Email
Sharon Pool Director of Student Services Email
Kyle Renchen Band webpage Email
Susan Riley Math webpage Email
Enid Russell School Nurse Email
Adam Schafer Chemistry Email
Ryan Tompkins Social Studies webpage Email
Sheila Trembley Librarian webpage Email
Cindy Wade Home Economics Email
Mark Ward Science webpage Email
Judy Weber-Jones Driver Education webpage Email


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