FFA Strawberries

Next week the GCMS will begin their 2nd annual strawberry sale! These strawberries are picked fresh from the plants and will be to us within 36 hours of leaving the fields in Florida! Please consider purchasing these from the FFA members. They will be receiving their order forms in class on Monday and will be selling until Friday, February 24th.
I will take orders via email or phone, but the students receive credit for the orders they receive so please consider ordering from one of the members first.
If you order from me, and then are contacted by a member, I can cross you off my list, but just let the student know so I can make that switch.

Roster of Ag Students 2011-2012

Current prices are:
$5/ quart
$18/ half flat
$26/ flat  (8 quarts in a flat)

Contact info:
217-784-4292 ext 3134

Strawberries will be in the week of March 8th

As always, thanks for your continued support of our program!!

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