Prom Update

Hello All Jr Class Parents !!

We are in the final count down to Prom and After Prom!!!!  We are in need of volunteers for the After Prom festivities, please let me know what you are able to help out with:

Food:  We are asking for 6 more persons to volunteer to make some breakfast casseroles (recipe will be given) and 6 persons to volunteer bringing grapes (we are thinking one box from Sams) cleaned and clipped into small bunches.
Set-up:  Immediately after Coronation
Chaperones:  Helping out during the After Prom entertainment
Check-in: Checking in kids coming to After Prom
Dressing Rooms: Handling the rooms where the kids will change.  We will need female and male volunteers
Parking Lot:  Persons overseeing the parking lot as the kids return their formal wear to the cars< BR>     Entertainment Chaperone:  Just being in the gym during the entertainment
 Food Set-up:  Persons helping get the food out after the entertainment
Clean-up:  Cleaning up after the fun!

You have all worked so hard and I truly appreciate all you have done. We are in the final push to have a fantastic night for the kids, but your help is still needed!
Thank you!
Melanie Arends

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